Alan Derian is an award winning composer that has scored over sixty feature films as well as working in TV, Games, and Multimedia.

“The Desire to Live,” the feature documentary detailing the stories of the survivors of the war in the Republic of Artsakh, scored by Alan Derian,
has won 23 best original score awards in the festival circuit, and in all the film has won 136 awards from 72 festivals worldwide, in 40 countries, including 2 awards at the Cannes Film Festival for Best Director Documentary Feature and Best Indigenous People’s Film.

The Conqueror’s Procession : Chariots of the Gods

Madam Secretary Ep 604 – Tribute to a Fallen Marine

Henry McCord testifies in front of congress on behalf of veterans, and he and Elizabeth attend the memorial of a fallen marine and his grieving family.

Alan Derian’s music from the CBS series “Madam Secretary” was part of a Film and TV music concert on April 6th, 2019, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra conducted by Angel Velez. The music cue from season two, episode seven, titled “Reopening the Cuban Embassy,” was performed in a program that included music by John Williams, Nathan Barr, Kris Bowers, Jeff Cardoni, John Debney, Germaine Franco, Michael Giacchino, Ludwig Gorranson, Alexandra Harwood, Justin Hurwitz, Conrad Pope, Jeff Russo, and Kevin Kiner.

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