Red Line (Action/Suspense)

Main Titles



Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope (Sci-Fi)

Final Descent



Beneath the Blue (Drama)

Rasca is Kidnapped



Metaphysia 2012 (Spiritual Documentary)

Energy Shift



Eye of the Dolphin (Drama)

A New Life



After Freedom (Drama)

Father and Son



Venus on the Halfshell (Broad Romantic/Comedy)

Shooting Up the House

Hendrix Finds His Venus

First Date

Star Trek New Voyages (Sci-Fi)

The Final Attempt

Captain Sulu’s Memories


Duality (Sci-Fi)

Arrival and Battle



Cryptid (Horror)

Cryptid Main Titles

Cryptid Rampage


Shredder (Horror)

End Credits



Veritas, Prince of Truth (Sci-Fi/Animation)

Battle Scene



Civil War Diary (Drama)

Jethro’s Innocence



Monsoon (Romantic/Drama)


The Lovers


The Howling Leopard (Drama)

The Hero’s Battle

Main Title

The Family

Beatdown (Action/Drama)

Beatdown Titles

Cowboy Fight