Video Demos

Madam Secretary Ep 207 – The Speech – Raising the Flag

In spite of efforts to derail the historic vote, Elizabeth brokers a deal that allows the US and Cuba to begin trade again, and gives her speech at the reopening ceremony at the American Embassy in Cuba.

Madam Secretary Ep 604 – Tribute to a Fallen Marine

Henry McCord testifies in front of congress on behalf of veterans, and he and Elizabeth attend the memorial of a fallen marine and his grieving family.

Red Line – Main Title

Riders from different backgrounds enter the Los Angeles subway system, which becomes the target of a terror attack, carried out by one of the riders in the group.

Grimm Ep. 307 Escape Part 1

Sent to protect Adeline’s newborn, Meisner fights off mercenaries trying to kidnap her and her baby.

Grimm Ep. 307 Escape Part 2

Meisner and Adeline, having been saved by Nick’s mother, board the plane to safety.

Years of Living Dangerously Ep 203 – Arnold Convoy

Arnold Schwarzenegger discusses the dangers of transporting oil in Kuwait with an oil truck driver.

Madam Secretary Ep 417 – Memories at the Wall

After years of uncertainty, a CIA agent’s parents learn of his death and visit the memorial wall at the CIA.

Madam Secretary Ep 403 – Nadine Leaves

After getting power turned on at a refugee camp, Elizabeth gives a farewell speech to her furloughed staff, as Nadine says her final goodbye to her colleagues at the State Department.

Madam Secretary 509 – The Hope of Children

Following years of ethnic fighting, two teachers, one Serbian, the other Albanian, decide to take a small step to end the ethnic divisions in their country.

InMemory – The Update

In a future world where every five years citizens are required to submit to “The Update,” an elderly couple that share the same birthday, using illegal drugs to hide their declining memory, hope to avoid the mandated government assisted suicide if they fail their tests.

Madam Secretary Ep 403 – Nadine Resigns

Nadine decides to leave the State Department upon learning she will be a grandmother, and tenders her resignation with Elizabeth.