“The Pregnancy Pact” premieres on Lifetime January 23rd at 9 PM ET/PT

The Movie “The Pregnancy Pact” premieres on the Lifetime TV channel, January 23rd at 9 PM ET/PT. “The Pregnancy Pact,” scored by film composers Alan Derian and Richard Marvin, stars Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actress Camryn Manheim, Thora Birch and Nancy Travis. The film is based on a 2007 media circus surrounding teenage girls in Glouchester, Massaschusetts who agreed to get pregnant together.

Alan Derian begins scoring “Beneath the Blue”

Alan Derian has begun scoring the feature film “Beneath the Blue,” which stars David Keith (An Officer and a Gentleman, Behind Enemy Lines), Michael Ironside (Starship Troopers, Total Recall) and George Harris (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). Paul Wesley (Fallen, Vampire Diaries) and Caitlin Wachs (Thirteen Days, Commander in Chief) star as the film’s teenage leads. “Beneath the Blue” is the sequel to “Eye of the Dolphin” which Alan Derian scored in 2007. The expected release is in 2010.

“Acceptance” premieres on Lifetime August 22nd at 9 PM ET/WT

The Movie “Acceptance” premieres on the Lifetime TV channel, August 22nd at 9 PM ET/PT. “Acceptance,” scored by film composers Alan Derian and Richard Marvin, stars two time Oscar nominee Joan Cusack as an obsessed mother intent on getting her daughter, played by Mae Whitman (Independence Day, One Fine Day, Arrested Development) into an Ivy league school. The movie is based on the critically acclaimed book Acceptance: A Novel by Susan Coll, and is directed by Sanaa Hamri, who directed “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.”

The Journey wins at Milan

On November 5, 2002 The Milan International Film Festival (MIFF) held its Award Gala at the historic Teatro Dal Verme. After a delightful tribute to Giancarlo Giannini, the Audience Award was presented to the producers of The Journey, Edwin Avaness, Emy Hovanesyan and Anghela Zograbyan. At the presentation were the star of the film Sona Tatoyan and co-producer Serj Minassian.

The Journey, is the story of Eve, a young woman who, as a child, had immigrated to New York from Armenia. The year is 1991 – the Soviet Union has crumbled and Armenia is going through the process of becoming an independent nation. This stirs Eve’s soul as she longs for her birthplace. The magazine she works for sends her to Armenia to cover the events unfolding there.

Thus begins a journey that leads Eve into her past, forcing her to face memories of her childhood. In the process, she rediscovers her homeland and its people and comes to terms with the loss of a childhood friend who had been killed. She also finds love.

MIFF was held between October 23 – November 4. The screening of The Journey was sold out on November 1 at Cinema Centrale. Eighteen feature films from around the world were competing for the Audience Award during the film festival. After accepting the Audience Award, the film’s directors Edwin Avaness and Emy Hovanesyan thanked the city of Milan, the festival organizers and the Armenian community of Milan for coming and supporting the film.

1999 Filmtracks Review

1999 Filmtracks Review

1999-03-29 14:25

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Monsoon, 1998

What’s Cool in 1999? Composer Spotlight:

The Music of Alan Derian

Included with the January, 1999, issue of Film Music Magazine
was a promo sampler that includes short examples of music by a variety
of rising composers. Above and beyond all others, the track composed by
Alan Derian caught my attention.

Derian has scored twenty films over the past fifteen years, and his
music spans a diverse collection of film genres. The track that caught
my attention was from the score for the erotic/kumasutra thriller
(India). With a consistently distinctive and melodic touch, Derian’s score
combines two styles (two that might not seem a likely pairing at first):
Mark Snow’s electronic mastery with John Barry’s orchestrally massive themes.
The result is Monsoon, a score with similarities to the finale of
Snow’s television score for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I recently
presented a collection of late-1998/early-1999 scores to a group of associates,
mostly including the Academy Award nominated efforts in both dramatic and
comedy/musical categories. I also slipped
Monsoon into the pile,
and all of my associates agreed that Derian’s
Monsoon is a better
score than over half of the Oscar nominated scores!

I cannot speak for Derian’s scores as they fit in the films, but without
a doubt, they are enjoyable listening experiences. Chris (Yumbo) Caine
indicated recently, however, that Monsoon‘s score received positive
responses from audiences in Fiji movie theatres. Derian’s
The Howling
features a romantic and mystical motif that would please die
hard Hard Zimmer fans (and especially those who appreciate a deep, male
chorus); the track “The Hero’s Battle” is astounding in its combination
of fantasy and a heroic Western theme.

Clips of Alan Derian’s most recent scores, including Monsoon
and The Howling Leopard, can be downloaded at his official website:
I highly recommend journeying over to his site and sampling the clips;
and I whole-heartedly hope that Derian’s career flourishes. His music features
a thematic power and awesome spirit that I have not heard many times in
my film music publishing career. The best of luck to you, Alan!

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